Gur Cake Editions publishes The Punk Connection

Gur Cake Editions has published a book of Loserdom work called The Punk Connection. Featuring a specially commisioned 30-page comic The Punk Connection and 3 page essay It All Started... The limited edition printing (only 20 copies have been made) was beautifully bound by Sandi Sexton using recycled bicycle spokes, with ‘harvested’ punctured bicycle tubes for the cover border, recycled paper and board.
According to Gur Cake Editions publisher Aintzane L. Mentxaka (Maken), "The Punk Connection offers, you could say, a ‘recycled’ story – an imaginative and compelling creation which proudly displays the marks of its origin" - the classic 1971 film The French Connection starring Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle. The story features the Loser Bros, Anto and Eugene as they follow a hunch that the intentions of a new scenester are not all they seem to be.

Gur Cake Editions was established in 2007. Gur Cake publishes one artisan book per year, in a limited edition and not-for-profit. The rationale of Gur Cake is that the text or the author must have a connection with Dublin, the text must have a personal angle for the author, and the text must be somewhat difficult to publish elsewhere – because of its format/ medium/ content/ etc. The books are designed to match their content, in a collaborative effort between editor, binder, and designer. Gur Cake aims at producing a work of art that is original and affecting. In order to make every book special, in addition to the hand binding we introduce an element unique to each volume.
Gur Cake books are conceived as gifts, true gifts. Each edition consists of twenty books, of which eighteen are given to the author free of charge, so that he or she may give them to friends or like-minded people, on condition that the books are never bought or sold. One copy of each edition remains with the publisher, and another one is stored in the Special Collections Library at Dublin Public Libraries. Gur Cake has no assistance with funding by any institution or individual; it is produced on a small budget for the love of art and literature. The Punk Connection is the fourth publication by Gur Cake Editions.

Fret not Loserdom readers if you are not one of the lucky 19 owners of a copy, the Loser Bros plan to publish the comic story in Loserdom #22!