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All photos by Anto, if using for some D.I.Y. purpose please give credit and link. If for non-D.I.Y. email first for permission.


Bambi The Temple, Dorset St., 14th April 2001 Bambi1 Bambi2

Cheapskate Galvans, New Ross 1997? Cheapskate1 Cheapskate2 Cheapskate3 Cheapskate4

Citizen Fish Charlies Bar 29 Sept. 1996 & Galvans, New Ross, 28 Sept. 1996 Citizen Fish1 Citizen Fish

Easpa Measa Green Lizard pub, Thomas St., 19th July 2004

Fugazi Savoy, Limerick, Oct. 2002

Fugazi1 Fugazi2 Fugazi3 Fugazi4 Fugazi5 Fugazi6 Fugazi7 Fugazi8

Hope Collective playing table football Xmas 1996 Hope Collective

Jackbeast Fusion Bar, 26 Oct. 1997 & The Attic, Rejected Xmas Party, Dec. 1996 Jackbeast1 Jackbeast2 Jackbeast3

Joan of Arse Fusion Bar, 1998? Joan of Arse

Kabinboy Charlies Bar, 22 June 1997 Kabin Boy1 Kabinboy2

Kidd Blunt Fallout Fest, Gorey, Co. Wexford Aug. 2004 Kidd Blunt1 Kidd Blunt2 Kidd Blunt3

Kito The Underground, March 1997 Kito

Large Mound Club GZ, Parnell Mooney, 4 July 2002 Large Mound1 Large Mound2 Large Mound3

Nappyrash Charlies Bar, March 1997 Nappyrash1 Nappyrash2

Polaris No.17 Leeds Festival, Leeds 6, Sept. 26 1997 Polaris

Shellac The Funnel/TBMC (?) 1998 Shellac1 Shellac2 Shellac3 Shellac4 Shellac5

Sparkmarker Charlies Bar, 22 June 1997 Sparkmarker

Steam Pig Hope Collective Xmas Benefit, The Attic, Dec. 1996 Steam Pig1 Steam Pig2 Steam Pig3

The VSS The Attic, 10 Feb. 1997 The VSS1 The VSS2 The VSS3

The Waltons The Funnel, 1998 The Waltons