NEWS!: Loserdom #24 hitting the stands this week!!.
Anto's photos used on Fugazi archive website see here. More news here

Out Now: Loserdom #24

Loserdom is a D.I.Y. zine from Dublin, Ireland. Covering such topics as punk rock, D.I.Y., independent music, cycling, bikes, political, anti-war, among other things. It is put together by Anto and Eugene (the Loser brothers). The first issue was in June 1996 as a freesheet, since then the brothers have released another eighteen issues. More

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72 A5 pages featuring:

Interviews with:
Clodagh Burnchurch, Parish Punk
Alan Holly Coda short film director

Live music reports
Lara Marlowe talk at Kilkenny Arts Festival
media comparison survey
Zine reviews and more

€3 or €5 postpaid.

Available from see contact page.





drinkin tea







View short film of the brothers hard at work making issue 14

Eugene lino-printing back cover of Loserdom 14. Film by Marian.

Anto collating and binding Loserdom 14. Music by Life At These Speeds. Film by Vinnie.

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