Loserdom is an Irish zine in the DIY punk tradition. It is copied onto recycled paper and bound with recycled twine. Brothers Anto and Eugene started it in June 1996 when Dublin’s independent record shops were littered with freesheets and zines. Since issue #22 Eugene has dropped out to concentrate on cycling but Anto is still soldiering on, while at a slow pace, to keep zines alive! Such topics covered in Loserdom are Irish DIY punk bands, DIY living, political/ anti-war kinda stuff, pro-bike propaganda, Irish zine history, zine reviews, pro-choice views and so on.

NEWS!: Loserdom #25 coming soon.
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Out Now: Loserdom #25




56 A5 pages featuring:

Interviews with:
Una Bèstia Incontrolable (raw punk from Barcelona)
Graham Jones (independent Irish film maker)
Alps (rockin' punks from Ballina)

Article on Plastic in the Ocean
Some LPs and a few gig reports
Book Review of Anarchy in a Cold War
Zine reviews

€3 or €5 postpaid.

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Some back issues available

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